Team Members

Team Members

Dylan Goldblatt

Hello! I'm Dylan, a Virginia native with a deep-rooted passion for languages, technology, and education. My journey has taken me from living abroad in Japan and Germany to teaching language and comparative literature across various esteemed institutions, including the University of Virginia, the University of Dortmund, and my current home, Kennesaw State University. As a Senior Lecturer in the Department of World Languages and Cultures at KSU, I bring a decade of experience in language instruction and the science of learning to Saga. Over the course of my academic journey, I have always gravitated to frontier technologies and finding ways to serve the Humanities through the creation of public goods. I am passionate about language instruction, curriculum design, and the integration of AI technology in research. I'm particularly proud of my work in developing Open Educational Resources (OER), and my role as a leader at the intersection of language and technology. At Saga, I serve as a facilitator for team operations and as a subject matter expert. When I'm not immersed in teaching or research, I enjoy unwinding with TV series and Nintendo games. It's these moments of relaxation that often spark creativity and new ideas in my professional life.

Chloe Johnson

Hi! My name is Chloe, and I’m a researcher at Kennesaw State University. Currently, my teammates and I at Saga are working on learning the ins and outs of AI to teach other researchers and Humanities professors how to utilize AI systems in order to further their own work. I am a Psychology major with hopes to become a research psychologist so that I may study AI in second language acquisition, second language learning, and memory retention. I love learning and reading, I’ve always been quite an avid reader, and I can read anything from fantasy books to academic journals. When I’m not in school, I love to pursue other hobbies that I take up fresh monthly. So far, I have learned crocheting, skateboarding, painting and other forms of art, and cooking (I’m not the best at this) to name a few. Over the summer, I like to conduct mini research projects, if I have the time, so that I may learn new information. There is never a point where I will know everything, so I aim to learn as much as my brain can hold.

Cheryl Nguyen

Hello! My name is Cheryl Nguyen, and I am a Public Relations major at Kennesaw State University. I represent Saga as a communications officer and my focus is on creating interpersonal connections with others, through personal creativity and empathy. Branding organizations, companies, and people are where I find my creativity to be unleashed most through the personalization process of visually highlighting one's most salient features for public view. When I am not engulfed in the wonders of creation, I find myself prioritizing fitness, fashion, and the world around me, whether that is through travel or finding a small coffee shop.

Prior Members

Daisi Sheridan

Hello, my name is Daisi Sheridan. I'm a passionate CrossFit coach and gym manager with a strong foundation in entrepreneurship and finance. Currently pursuing my college degree, I bring a unique blend of fitness expertise and business acumen to the table. My strengths lie in diagnostic problem solving, where I excel at identifying and resolving challenges, paired with my knack for creative brainstorming to find innovative solutions. With a natural aptitude for organization and planning, I lead and collaborate effectively, harnessing my extroverted nature to energize teams. My proficiency in data analysis and mathematics empowers me to make informed decisions, while my accomplished vocabulary ensures clear communication. When I am not busy with schoolwork or coaching, I enjoy any outdoor activities, specifically hiking with my dogs, skydiving, and cliff jumping.

Stephen Muir

I am a biology major at Kennesaw State University interested in a career in healthcare. I recently interned and worked part time at a healthcare clinic offering ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) Therapy to children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. During my time at this job, I was exposed to many of the ins and outs of ABA and the healthcare field as a whole. I hope to utilize LLMs and the lab resources to create free, AI-generated prosocial stories and visuals for children diagnosed with ASD. Many of the previously existing stories are kept behind a large paywall, forcing parents and clinics to spend excessive amounts of money on what should be a free resource.
Outside of school and work, I try to spend most of my time outdoors. I am an avid hiker and camper and love bringing my dog wherever I go!